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Disasters are triggered events that endanger life or human health, the environment, property, or the vital supply of the population on a large scale or damage by fundamental or technical processes, or by people.

Tiroler Katastrophenmanagementgesetz

Disasters are [...] Large loss events, which [...] not adequately dealt with by the authorities responsible for the security of own forces and means can be.

Berlin, Gesetz über die Gefahrenabwehr bei Katastrophen

-translation by the author-

Aim of this project is the installation and design of a Mongolian yurt (actually гэр, GIR or GER) in the public under the aspect of a social sculpture inspired by Joseph Beuys.

The term Katastrophensammelplatz (disaster gathering space), also in its ambiguity, describes the intention of the project.

1. the offer of a mobile, archaic simple, security and protection giving place, in the sense of a gathering and meeting place.

2. a place to the description, collection, and solution-oriented evaluation of circumstances perceived as catastrophic. (Encounter, Exchange, Participation)

Point 1 is its implementation in the staged construction of the GER and its facilities, its sculptural, analog design and presence. More details in the description of the schedule at the end.

Point 2 is supported inter alia by various events and performances - and with this one of the interfaces to personal participation, technical extension and scientific cooperative approaches.

Installation / Performance

Spirituality - openness - creativity - imagination

Its origin from a principle inherent in the GER is its all underlying archaic nomadic culture; an example for structures that can also be found in global society.

Need for protection - social organization - mobility - sustainability

The experience and analysis of a perspective whose aim it is not to transform, but to develop a conscious perception of a given environment, allows installation and customization based on the circumstances.

Scientific- / Technical execution

Life Sciences - Survival Aesthetics

The theme then ought to be passed to institutions and developers in scientific social policy as well as to technical working groups. Free accessibility, open source, and free use of agents it used or developed, methods, materials and results is important. It's in the broadest sense to civil protection, social organization, to analog and digital technology, construction and material research, networking, mobility and sustainability.

Possible scientific and technical points are:

Investigation of the structural aspects of textile architecture, optimization for mobile use. (Civil protection)

Visibility, communication - analog and digital technology. This includes the design of the outer shell and the facilities with information and communications technology tools (life-saving)

Energy efficiency - low energy models, solar and wind technology, etc. (independence)

social evaluation and analysis depending on the VideoPortraitMachine s records and results.

Point is, in times of stormy, perceived as disastrous times, to offer a real analog place of assembly, meeting, interdisciplinary exchange and networking. The whole is in and around the mongolian GER, a symbol of protection, community, hospitality, tolerance and generosity.

Shedule / Programm

Organization, announcement and publication of the event. Definition of the event and description of intention and possible themes. -such as asylum, urban planning, security, but also private experiences perceived as catastrophic etc.

1. day

Arrival and inauguration of the site where the GER is to be build up - traditional shamanic ritual/performance. Construction and establishment of the GER.

2. day and depending on the duration of the exhibition in the following days

Framework programme: tearoom and live music.

Electronic recordings of statements of visitors (portraits). Reception of groups of visitors (schools, kindergartens, etc.) and invited guests from politics, culture and society. Transmission of debates or interviews on the Internet. Quotes by artists, music, theatre, readings, etc. Depending on the location "Night guards" (E.g. meditation, party, sleep, bed in...)


The whole is ended then again with a shamanic ritual and the dismantling of the GER



Yurt/GER and video facilities are available . The programs are based on GNU/Linux, and Linux systems. The construction can be done inside or outside on any flat surface. Diameter 5.5 m, height 2.4 m.

The concept of Katastrophensammelplatz presents these activities within the framework of a social sculpture for the first time in a larger public context.

This project is logged in the artist village of Unperfekthaus in Essen (Germany) under the title nomad-housing in addition to other uses (urban furniture) Also working with the KIT initiative NRW More information under: und






Biggi Fohrer (Illustration), Franz Buhr (Text & Idee)




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